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2024 Classic Sweden Calendar 50x70cm

2024 Classic Sweden Calendar 50x70cm

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Like a giant size school note book paper with all the details you would expect. Get an overview over 2024 with the extensive grid and stay organized. A perfect calendar for family planning, business and school projects. Hang it on your wall and make your plans directly on the calendar. Days are marked with the three initial letters for each day, weeks are marked out with the start on Mondays.

  • 50x70cm (19.69” x 27.56”) high quality offset print
  • Buy 3 pay for 2
  • In Swedish with Swedish holidays marked out with symbols 
  • 12 months, January 2024 – December 2024
  • 2 color Pantone print
  • 150gsm uncoated 100% recycled paper
  • Easy to see the whole year at once with initial letters of each day
  • Wrapped in silk paper and shipped in a sturdy brown paper tube
  • Worldwide shipping

Note: A small missprint is made on this version. Måndag is marked out "Mon" and not as it should "Mån".

Designed and made in Sweden.

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